Cambodian officials allow their traders to buy goods from a Thai border market

Local Cambodian officials have eased border crossing restriction by allowing their people to cross into Thailand through Saitaku checkpoint to buy goods and other products from Thai traders at a border market in Ban Kruat district of Buri Ram province.

The temporary reopening of the border followed a meeting on Thursday between local Cambodian officials and local Thai authorities. But only a small number of Cambodian traders visited the Thai market to buy consumer products and other goods.

The closure of the border to prevent Cambodians from crossing the border through Saitaku checkpoint was believed to be a retaliation against the Thai officials’ ban against people to cross into Cambodia to gamble at a newly-opened casino in Ampil since April 7.

The ban remains in force although the Cambodian officials have allowed their people to travel to the Thai border market.

Earlier last month, political activist Veera Somkwamkid tried to visit the casino which he claimed to be located on the disputed territory claimed by Cambodia and Thailand. But his attempt was thwarted by local Thai people who feared his visit would spark border tension.