Cambodian embassy official offers help to prevent illegal logging

A Cambodian labour attache has offered to cooperate with Thai authorities to prevent illegal logging of the highly-priced Siamese rosewood by Cambodian illegal immigrants.

Mr Mao Piaroon and some embassy staff members went to Korn Buri district police station in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Wednesday to visit a group of 36 Cambodian illegal immigrants who were allegedly hired by Thai and Cambodian financiers to cut Siamese rosewood or Payoong in Tap Larn national park.

He said he would raise the illegal logging issue with relevant agencies in Cambodia to address the problem.

The 36 illegal immigrants were rounded up by Thai police and forest officials as they searched for Payoong trees in the national park on May 13.

The illegals reportedly told Mr Mao Piaroon that they slipped into Thailand through the Jakako border passage on foot into Ta Phraya district of Sa Kaew province.

After that, they were met by Thai and Cambodian brokers who arranged for transport to take them to Tap Larn national park in Korn Buri district. They were however arrested by Thai officials and escorted to Korn Buri district police station for detention and interrogation.