Cambodia shuts down border in Buri Ram

In what was believed to be a tit-for-tat against Thailand banning its citizens to cross into Cambodia to gamble at a newly-opened border casino, Cambodia has prohibited its people from crossing the border into Ban Kruat district of Buri Ram to shop for goods.

Border market in Ban Kruat district was quiet on Wednesday as Cambodian traders were barred by Cambodian officials from visiting the market through Sai Traku border crossing which was shut.

An informed border source said the border closure at Sai Traku border crossing was an act of retaliation against the Thai government’s banning Thais from visiting a casino just across the border in Ampil which opened its door on April 7.

Several Thais who planned to visit the casino for gambling were disappointed when they learned about the ban.

Mayor of Tambon Chantoppetch, Mr Santi Uthumporn, urged authorities concerned to resolve the conflict with Cambodia, claiming that the border closure has impacted on vendors and merchants on both sides of the border.