Cambodia to face more sanctions from the US

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Cambodia is expected to face more sanctions from the United States over the Cambodian government’s continuing crackdown on the opposition, The Phnom Penh Post Online reported on Tuesday (Feb 6).

Tim Rieser, an aide to Senator Patrick Leahy, said in an email that the senator and others were increasingly concerned with the actions of Prime Minister and the Cambodia People’s Party (CPP) to dismantle in institutions of democracy in Cambodia.

This has left the US with few options other than to increase sanctions on Cambodia, said Rieser.

Rieser confirmed that bipartisan legislation was being drafted to introduce new sanctions on Cambodia.  He said the legislation would make clear there is an international cost to suppressing the rights of the people in Cambodia, but he did not elaborate details of the sanctions.

Earlier, the US cut funding to the National Election Committee and declared visa sanctions against top government officials.

Last week, a group of US congressmen urged US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley to introduce a resolution condemning the crackdown in Cambodia at the upcoming Human Rights Council meet.