Burned and dismembered body found near a reservoir in Phichit

The burned and dismembered body, believed to be a man, was found in  the bushes near a reservoir in Bung Na Rang district of Phichit province on Friday (Jan 19).

A police team, led by Pol Maj-Gen Thawatchai Muannara, the commander of Phichit provincial police, rushed to the crime scene in Ban Bung Tapchan, Village 3 of Tambon Laem Rangyoo, after they were alerted by villagers of the finding of the human body.

Police said that old car tyres which were used to burn the dismembered body were still smoldering when they arrived at the scene.

The victim’s right leg with a tattoo was also found at the scene and the police believed this could help them to identify the victim.

The body was cut in halves and burned beyond recognition, but police believed the victim was a man because of its big size. Coins of different currencies were found burned at the scene.

The police also found what was believed to be the leftover of a luggage which was suspected to be used to stuff the victim’s dismembered body.  The luggage was also burned.

Police said that the burning of the body was intended to cover up the crime.

Pol Maj-Gen Thawatchai said he was told by villagers near the crime scene that they saw a black sedan driving toward the reservoir and later leaving.  They added that they eventually saw smoke billowing from the bushes near the reservoir.

He said he had ordered police to check all the CCTV cameras along the routes leading to the reservoir to try to track down the perpetrators’ car. Police were also told to look for announcements of missing persons.

Pol Col Ekkachai Sathienmaneechak, superintendent of Bung Narang police station called on those who have information about a person who has such tattoo on the right leg (see main photo) to contact him at 081-8526347.