Bung Yee re-elected FAT head

The bitter tug-of-war for the presidency of the Football Association of Thailand appearded to come to a close Thursday when the incumbent president, Mr Worawee Makudee, was re-elected by a majority vote.

Mr Worawee, alias Bung Yee, comfortably beat his rival, Mr Virach Charnpanich, by 42 votes in favour against 28 in an election which took place at Golden Tulip Sofarin hotel.

After the vote, Mr Virach called a press conference at the hotel and charged that the election was rigged because some outsiders who did not represent any football clubs were allowed to vote.

This will be Worawee’s fourth term in the office – the longest ever held by the same person.  The elelction result will have to be endorsed by FIFA.

Prior to the election today, a problem happened when it was discovered that some football clubs which are members of the FAT were double-represented in the voting.  It took some time before the problem was resolved and the voting was allowed to proceed.

Worawee’s presidency was marred by a rebellion of some football clubs, including the heavyweight Buriram United owned by former politician Newin Chidchob.