Bovornsak says he favours referendum

Constitution Drafting Committee chairman Dr Bovornsak Uwanno said today that personally he wanted a referendum to be held to endorse the draft constitution because this would be a channel through which the people could participate in the charter drafting process.

However, he pointed out that it was the joint responsibility of the National Council for Peace and Order, the cabinet, the National Reform Council, the National Legislative Assembly and the CDC to decide on the referendum issue.

Also, he said for a referendum to be held, the interim charter must be amended first.

He went on explaining that it would take more than a month for preparations to hold the referendum which would include the publication of some 42 million of draft charter copies for distribution to the voters and, among others, the holding public hearings for all stakeholders to air their views on the draft.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha, meanwhile, has reminded about the 3 billion baht costs to the taxpayers that they would have to shoulder in case there is to be a referendum.

The NCPO and the cabinet will meet on May 19 to discuss the referendum issue.