Bonanza Khao Yai resort faces demolition for encroachment of Khao Yai national park

Bonanza Golf and Country Club is facing partly demolition and its owner facing criminal charge after it was found that  part  of its areas encroached on the Khao Yai National Park.

The encroachment was confirmed after several land ownership documents the owner of Bonanza displayed to authorities were proved to be illegitimately issued by corrupted government officials a decade ago.

The encroachment was confirmed  yesterday by the Nakhon Ratchasima land officer, Monsak Arak, who was designated by the Public Sector  Anti Corruption Committee (PACC) to examine the Nor Sor 3 Kor land documents and  land title deeds in the possession of the owner Mr Paiwong Techanarong.

The land officer said  the resort  infringed upon more than 55 rai of the Khao National Park in Pak Chong district.

According to him, all of the five land ownership documents covering more than 55 rai where part of his resort and car race tracks sit were built  on the forest areas of  the Khao Sied Ad, Khao Nok Yung, Khao Ang Hin and the Muak Lek – Si Kiew Railway Project national parks which are within the Khao Yai National Park.

This confirms that the International Bonanza Speedway has clearly infringed upon national park lands and the title deeds were illegitimately issued, he said.

The police have been notified to investigate the matter and should evidence surface that the deeds were issued after the property had been declared national park lands, the evidence will be handed over to the Department of Land to consider revoking the documents.

It is expected that the matter will be finalized by May 2015, he said.

“A field survey carried out in 1976, and recent aerial survey confirms that all five pieces of property sits on Khao Yai National Park” he said.

The Second Region Army team in charge of national park land reclamation yesterday forwarded all the evidence which includes all GPS coordinates of the disputed land to the legal team handling the case.

The police and the Department of Land will be compiling a case file so that formal  charges can be brought against the owner.

The case will become the catalyst for further investigation into other cases of infringement on national park lands throughout the country.

The golf course and racetrack sit on a total area of about 4,000 rai of land.

According to BangkokPost, Authorities are expected to tear down buildings on the encroached land in the next few weeks after the Songkran festival long weekend.

In a related development, Pol. Col. Dusadee Arayawuthi, the deputy permanent-secretary of the Justice Ministry revealed that the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Committee has been notified and as of the present is carrying its own investigation into the possibility that state officials were complicit in the illegal title deed issuance.

Anyone found to have been involved in the matter will face serious disciplinary action, he said.

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