More bombings and gunfire rock anti-government protests

More bombings and gunfire rocked the protest sites of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC)last night injuring two security guards. A hand grenade was also thrown at the house of the Bangkok governor but caused no injury.

Attacks were reported at the protest sites at Chaeng Wattana road, Lumphini park, Lard Prao intersection, and Suan Pakkad Palace .

The protest site at Lard Prao where the PDRC was holding protest rally happened at about 1.45 a.m. today. It was the second attack within the past 24 hours.

PDRC security guards said 2-3 explosions were heard and a black Honda Accord sedan was seen to break open a security checkpoint of the PDRC guards and made a U-turn beneath the Lard Prao flyover in front of the Thai Military Bank Head office and sped off. Gunshots were also fired.

Two guards were injured.

The explosion and gunshot sounds forced activities on the stage of the PDRC to halt temporarily.

Meanwhile at Lumphini park, explosion was heard near the Rama VI Moument close to the protest stage of the PDRC. The explosion damaged tress at the area. Nobody was injured.

At the protest site on Chaeng Wattana road, motorcycle gangs were seen running near the place and explosion and gunshots were heard. Nobody was injured.

Elsewhere at the protest site of the Network of Students and People for the Reform of Thailand at Makkawan bridge, ping pong bomb and firecracker explosions were heard throughout the night close to the place where security guards were deployed. There was no injury and damage.