More bomb-making materials seized from a suspect’s house in Narathiwat

Security forces have seized more bomb-making materials from the house of an arrested suspect in a follow-up operation after the seizure by highway police of 40 pipe bombs and other equipment on a pickup truck at a checkpoint on Su-ngai Kolok-Takbai highway in Narathiwat on Thursday.
Colonel Pramote Prom-in, a spokesman of the Internal Security Operations Command of the Fourth Army Region, said Friday that security forces seized seven items of bomb-making materials at the house of Sanusee Yatae who was arrested Thursday together with the 40 pipe bombs.
But the search of the house of the runaway suspect, Abdul Arsi, did not uncover any illegal items.
Colonel Pramote said Sanusee had just been freed after spending four years in jail for involvement in a string of violent incidents, including the attack of Narathiwat Task Force 38 base on January 19, 2011, and the seizure of Cho Airong district hospital on January 13, 2016.
The Isuzu pickup truck that was used to carry the pipe bombs belong to Sanusee’s brother who is now serving a life jail term for his involvement in the attack of Narathiwat Task Force 38 base in 2011.
The colonel went on say that security forces were expanding their probe to find out how many more people were involved in the making of the 40 pipe bombs and their suspected terror plot besides the two known suspects.