Bomb killed 2 volunteers in Pattani, motocycle bombs exploded in Narathiwat

Two defence volunteers were killed and four others wounded in a bomb explosion while on patrol to provide security for teachers in Pattani’s Mai Kaen district on Tuesday morning (Aug 1), police said.

The incident occurred at 9.10am when the six volunteers of Tambon Talo Kraithong, who were patrolling on three motorcycles, stopped at a roadside shelter on Highway 4136 near Ban Binya in Mai Kaen district.

While they were walking to the shelter, a bomb made of a fire extinguisher cylinder, weighing about 25 kilogrammes, which had been buried beside the shelter was detonated with a remote control.

The explosion killed Khwanchai Yod-iad and Muklid Late. The four others — Toyali Diyo, Budderu Luemae, Abdulromae Nimae and Ayu Tomo–were injured, one of them seriously.

The blast left a big hole, about 1 metre in diametre and 80 centimetres deep, at the scene.

Meanwhile, in Narathiwat’s Sungai Kolok district, one of two motorcycle bombs exploded, but nobody was hurt.

Pol Lt Traipop Donprailao, a Sungai Kolok police officer on duty, said the incident occurred at the Bunnapal intersection, about 50 metres from a railway crossing, on a bypass around Sungai Kolok district town.

He said two motorcycle bombs had earlier been parked at the intersection and one of them exploded, but nobody was hurt in the blast.

After the explosion, explosive ordnance disposal and forensic police were dispatched to the scene for examination. They found the other motorcycle bomb, near the one which already exploded, and subsequently destroyed it with a water cannon.

The police found that the first motorcycle was fitted with a bomb made of a steel box, weighing about 5 kilogrammes.  The other was fitted with a bomb made of a fire extinguisher tank, weighing about 20kg.

Eyewitnesses told the police that at about 5.30am four men arrived at the scene on four motorcycles.  Two of them left two motorcycle bombs at the intersection and fled on the other two motorcycles.  About 10 minutes afterward, one of the two motorcycle bombs exploded.

Police were investigating the incident.