Bomb experts believe two tiny bombs were used in bomb attack in Narathiwat

Police have found pieces of what were believed to be parts of two tiny bombs which were used in the attack of a department store in Narathiwat on Saturday(Feb 25).

Officials from the explosive ordnance disposal and scientific crime detection units spent about four hours scouring the Super Department Store on Chamroonnara Road in search of remains of bombs.

The officials focused their searches on the area where spray cans were exhibited. They found burned pieces of a wallet, remains of a digital clock and electrical wires as well as bomb shrapnels.

They suspected the two small bombs were stuffed inside the wallet and placed among inflammable spray cans which – when hit by a bomb – would easily catch fire.

But government spokesman Lt-Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said he didn’t think the southern militants had used a new type of bomb in the attack of the department store.

He said the militants would do everything they could to make sure that their bombs would explode.