Body of Thai worker committing suicide in South Korea to arrive tomorrow

The body of a Thai migrant worker who killed himself in South Korea will be returned to Thailand on Thursday (Feb 15).

According to labour officials, the body of Wansin Boonklang, a resident of Krasang district in Buri Ram, will be returned and arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport at 2am on Thursday.

They said Thai workers in South Korea have raised money to arrange the air transportation of his body back after his family had no money to afford the transport expense.

Labour officials said they have questioned his wife Ms Orm Wongchan and were told that both went to South Korea on Dec 11 last year on a package tour of 20,000 baht each.

But after they arrived in Korea, they jumped the tour group to work illegally.

However instead of being properly paid, their employer didn’t pay them and even oppressed them after learning that they were illegal migrant workers, according to Ms Orm.

After a week of working, she said her husband felt sympathetic with her hardship and decided to spend his last saving to buy her air ticket to return home, while he stayed on to work.

She said it was until Feb 8 when she was notified by the Thai Embassy in Seoul that her husband had hanged himself.

Meanwhile, Pratueng Piyarum, of Buri Ram labour office, explained that the worker was not qualified to get assistance as he went to work illegally.

However, the labour office has coordinated with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to finance funeral expenditure for her husband.

He reiterated that Thai workers must apply for work abroad via official channel so as to prevent fraud.