BMTA buys 489 NGV buses from CHO-SCN

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA), the operator of city bus service, has signed a contract to buy 489 NGV-powered buses from CHO-SCN, a consortium of Scan Inter Plc and Cho Thavee Plc.

SCN-SCN is the only private firm which submitted a bid for supplying the buses to the BMTA at the price of 4,261 million baht, about 5% higher than the median price.

Deputy Transport Minister Pairin Chuchotethavorn presided over the signing of the contract on Dec 27.  He said the acquisition is transparent.  As no other private firms were interested in bidding for the project, CHO-SCN, the consortium which properly followed the rules and regulations with honesty, was selected to supply the buses.

Suradech Taweesaengsakulthai, Cho Thavee Plc chief executive officer, said the buses will be imported from China and they will be equipped with some parts such as the gas tanks, gear and air-conditioners in Thailand.  Import tariff will be properly paid.

The consortium will deliver the first lot of 100 NGV buses in 90 days or before the end of March 2018.  The rest will be delivered to the BMTA in May of the same year

Nathachart Charuchinda, chairman of the BMTA board, said a contract made with Cho Thavee Plc for the company to install cash boxes on 2,600 buses has been reviewed.  The number of buses to be installed with cash boxes has been reduced to less than 800.

The installation of e-ticket readers will continue for 2,600 buses.  The machines have been installed on 800 buses.  The tests on the e-ticket reading machines revealed that there are still problems over the system.  After improvements have been made, the machines will be installed on all of the 2,600 buses by the end of June 2018.