BMTA to buy NGV buses with special method

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) will make an announcement to purchase 489 buses powered by natural gas for vehicles (NGV) with a special method after no companies showed interest in bidding for supplying the buses in the 6th call for bids via e-bidding.

Deputy Transport Minister Pichit Akrathit said he had received a report from the city bus agency that no private firms submitted their bids, with the medium price set at 4,020 million baht for 489 NGV buses. He said the report did not say why the call for bids attracted no bidders.

Mr Pichit said as the last six calls for bids were not successful, the BMTA will procure the NGV buses with a special method.

Eight companies which bought the bidding documents in the last call will be invited for talks as it is a matter of urgency for the BMTA to acquire the buses otherwise its reform plan would be affected. The Procurement Act of 2007 allows for a special method to be used to acquire the buses, Mr Pichit said.

Suradet Taweesaengkulchai, president of Cho Thavee Plc, said the company board and its risk committee discussed the possibility of bidding for supplying the 489 NGV buses for two days. The company board finally decided not to file a bid. It was reported that Cho Thavee Plc was reluctant because it had many limitations.

The BMTA had called for bids for supplying the 489 NGV buses for six times.  In the first bidding, no bidders were qualified. In the second bidding, Cho Thavee Plc won the bidding but the BMTA board cancelled the bidding result because some legal problems.

Bestrin Group won the third bidding, but the BMTA cancelled the contract as the firm was too late to hand over the buses.

The fourth bidding was called off because of a legal problem.  The fifth and sixth attracted no bidders.