BMA sets up flood alert centres at all high risk areas in the capital

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has ordered the establishment of flood prevention and mitigation centres at all the capital’s high risk areas so that they could resolve flooding problems in time.

According to the deputy governor of the city administration, Chakkaphand Piew-ngam, these centres will be manned around the clock by authorities to monitor the water situation and take prompt action in case of flooding.

This will help to increase the water draining efficiency in areas having high risk of flooding or facing repeated floodings every year, he said.

He also assured that the capital’s eight flood draining tunnels could help to increase the water draining capacity of the capital.

He recalled massive flooding at the weekend last week that 50 district chief officers have been ordered to immediately implement additional flood prevention measures to prevent flooding in case of heavy rainfall.

They were ordered not only to monitor floodwater on the main streets but also secondary roads or Sois or low-lying areas in housing estates or residential communities, he said.

He said at present water level in the Chao Phraya river is still normal while in the canals such as Prem Prachakorn, Lardprao are almost full.

This prompted the need to drain water out to normal levels which will take three days because of the existing of encroached houses, he said.

He added that authorities are still keep watching on the Khanun tropical storm if it will have impact in the country’s weather condition.