Betong left with no electricity after sabotages by southern insurgents

Betong town of Yala province in the southernmost border of the country is left with no electricity today after southern insurgents blew up power poles last night.

The explosions brought down six power poles to the ground at Kilometre 26 on Highway 410 from Betong to Yala.

One car was damaged while it was passing the scene during the bomb attack. However nobody was injured.

But security forces closed the highway to facilitate working by EOD team to detect if any bomb was left to harm people at the scene.

The sabotage blacked out the whole town bordering Malaysia for several hours. Until late today, power supply to the business town of Betong is still not restored.

Meanwhile security authorities also reported ambush, arson attack and car tire burning in several districts of Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani last night.

In Su-ngai Padi district of Narathiwat, southern insurgents attacked a ranger outpost with grenade and assault rifles and engaged a brief exchange of fire with rangers.

They fled and left behind sharpened spikes on the road to prevent pursuit by government forces.

A truck loaded with rubber latex was also attacked with gunfire while it was running in Yaha district of Yala province, causing several bullet holes to its tank. The driver also injured from the gunshot.

Car tyres were also burned on the road, but there was no damage to vehicles.