Bertam Vally in Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands under water

The horror of the Bertam Valley mudflood which claimed four lives a year ago has returned to haunt residents on the highlands, according to New Straits Times.

More than 20 houses in the Ringlet town, Ringlet New Village and Kampung Ulu Merah Ringlet were submerged in knee-deep muddy water after continuous heavy rain early Wednesday night caused Sungai Ringlet to overflow its banks.

A total of 150 people from 37 families staying at Ringlet New Village were evacuated to the Ringlet multipurpose hall at 10pm.

A fire and rescue department spokesman said one victim was trapped under the debris while a boy was swept away by flood waters.  “Six vehicles were also swept away,” he said.

A Tenaga Nasional Berhad spokesman said water from the nearby dam would be released if rain continued to pour.  “This may lead to mudfloods in the nearby Bertam Valley,” he said. The affected villages are located barely 4km from Bertam Valley, which was hit by a deadly mudflood last October.

A Cameron Highlands fire and rescue station spokesman said they received a distress call about 7.04pm and dispatched its personnel to the scene.  Electricity to the affected villages had been cut off.