Bangkok Poll says majority wants ban on political activities to be eased

Bangkok Poll shows that over 60 percent of respondents want the military government to “unlock” political parties, but the majority of them are not sure that political situation will improve after the “unlocking” decision.

Bangkok Poll of Bangkok University’s Research Centre polled the opinions of 1,194 people from across the country.

The poll shows 61.2 percent of the respondents agree with “unlocking” political parties compared to 29.8 percent who disagree with nine percent undecided.

53 percent say they have little trust that the political situation will improved after political parties are allowed to engage in political activities while 47 percent say they are confident that the situation will improve.

54.3 percent are concerned that politicians will seize the opportunity to incite public dissent if political parties are “unlocked” whereas 52.3 percent are concerned about political polarization and 51.5 percent are worried that Thailand’s development will be hindered by the “old faces” in political arena.

Asked what is their main concern if political parties are not “unlocked”, 63.5 percent say they are concerned that Thailand will not become democratic.

42.8 percent say they don’t expect to see new faces or new political parties in the next election.