Bangkok-Pattaya motorway toll to increase from 60 baht to 105 baht, beginning April 19

The cabinet yesterday (Jan 3) approved the increase of tolls on Highway 7 or known as Bangkok-Pattaya motorway from 60 baht to 105 for cars, effective from April 19.

Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith said the approval came after the Special Highway Department has finished the construction of nine new toll booths on the Bangkok-Pattaya motorway under the closed tolling system, or which it’s entry and exit will be under control.

He said that under the closed system, toll booths will be increased from five to nine.

They are located in Lat Krabang, Bang Bo, Bang Pakong, Phanas Nikhom, Ban Bung, Bang Phra, Nongkham, Pong, and Pattaya.

The chart of new toll rates of Bangkok-Pattaya motorway which will go into effect on 19 April 2018

He said maximum toll for cars will be increased from 60 baht to 105 baht, six-wheeled vehicles to 170 baht, and 10-wheeled trucks to 245 baht

Government Deputy Spokesman Nattaporn Chatusripitak said the cabinet agreed to allow the collection of tolls on Highway 7 after the Songkran water festival.

But he said that beginning tomorrow (Friday) the Special Highway Department will begin construction of embankments along the route to prevent vehicles entering the motorway.

He said under the closed motorway system, motorists and passengers will travel with more safety as there will be no vehicles from outside cutting into their ways.

Currently, he said there are as many as 28 locations where vehicles can enter the motorway, thus posing danger on incoming cars.

He added that for those who don’t want to drive into the closed motorway system, they can take the alternative route that runs parallel to the motorway instead.

However many people said that this will cause heavy traffic jams on the parallel route as there are now many traffic lights along the route.