Army chief vows to get rid of mafia like army officers

The army chief yesterday( Jan 3) has vowed to get rid of all army personnel who act as mafias so as to make the Army acceptable by the people.

Speaking on the position of the Royal Thai Army this year when the country is gearing up for election under the democracy roadmap, Gen Chalermchai Sithisart said the Army also needs a facelift or to adapt itself to win more acceptance from the public.

He said the army needs to change from head to toe on disciplines, significantly the mafia like army officers.

Acts of indiscipline won’t be tolerated but to get rid of, he said.

He stressed that all army personnel must have discipline, not only they must have strong physical health, their hair style must also cut under the military regulation.

Gen Chalermchai admitted that at present there is still mafia like personnel in the Army, but it’s only a handful, particularly some staff officers, and some personnel who work as guards at entertainment venues as sidelines.

He warned that if they violate the laws, they will be drastically dealt with by laws and army disciplines.

For those who perform duties under the social reorganization regulations and Section 44, they too will be punished if they are accused of power abuse, he said