Army chief voices regret over death of protest leader

The army commander-in-chief has expressed regret over the death of an anti-government protest leader in yesterday’s shooting in Bang Na area and has vowed to coordinate the Center for the Maintaining of Peace and Order (CMPO) to tighten more security.

The army chief’s regret was revealed today by the deputy spokesman of the Army Colonel Winthai Suwari to the media.

He said that Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has voiced regret over the incident in front of Wat Sri-eam temple on Bang Na-Trat road in a clash with red-shirt supporters that left the death of a leader of the People’s Army to Overthrow the Thaksin Regime Suthin Taratin, and a number of protesters injured

Col Winthai said that the army chief was concerned about the continual violence against protesters and would not want such violence to continue in the Thai society.

The army chief would like the Army to coordinate with the CMPO to tighten more security in various areas which it is responsible  since the incident happened on broad daylight and committed against group of people in public place, the spokesperson said.

Gen Prayuth also believed that the police would be able to resolve the case and also would like that the case would not be exploited to widen the widen the current conflict as it could affect attempt to resolve the problem on a broader aspect, Col Winthai said.

Suthin was shot dead at a polling station in Bang Na yesterday afternoon.

He  had worked for the non-government group Local Development Institute (LDI) before he joined anti-Thaksin protesters and later  became a leader of the People’s Army to Overthrow the Thaksin Regime.

He was also a former deputy director of New Politics Party.

His death was described as a big lossl, said anti-government protest leader Suriyasai Katasila yesterday.