Army chief reacts coolly to Gen Chavalit’s counter coup remark

Army commander-in-chief Gen Udomdej Sitabutr brushed aside former Prime Minister and Army chief Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyuth's warning that the military installed government might face counter coup if it continues its aggressive political reforms.

In an exclusive to Daily News which was released Monday, Gen  Chavalit voiced concern of the drafting of the new constitution which has strong possibility that the prime minister and the  cabinet ministers will come from direct election.

Gen Chavalit said this change could lead to even wider divisions and more protests in the country.

He viewed that if the prime minister comes from election or elected by the people, then it might breach the power of the king as past appointments came from royal commands.

He asked whether it was appropriate to lower the supreme power of the King.

He cautioned that making charter changes under the reform plans could lead to more disunity and conflicts and counter coup.

He said “staging a coup could receive flowers in the beginning, but later it could receive bricks.”

He said if the prime minster really wants to see democracy in the country, he just simply steps down.

However Army chief Gen Udomdej responded calmly to the former Army chief’s remark, saying it was merely a personal opinion which the government was willing to listen to.

In fact, he said the government was doing its best to achieve the reforms.