Army to buy six new attack helicopters

The army has received approval to buy six new attack helicopters to replace existing Bell UH-1 Cobra helicopters which are due for decommissioning, Army Aviation Centre commander Maj Gen Veerayuth Inthavon said on Tuesday.
Maj Gen Veerayuth the new attack helicopters will be bought with the 2019 budget under the army’s development plan as three old Cobra helicopters in commission are about to be decommissioned. At least six new attack helicopters are required.
With approval from the army, the Army Aviation Centre is in the process of selecting the replacements from four to five models of helicopters manufactured in different countries, including Russia, France, Italy and China.
The new helicopters to be purchased must be capable of coping with changing threats.  They should be of a higher speed, higher capabilities, and equipped with weapons of higher calibre, Maj Gen Veerayuth said.