Armed Forces now calls for national unity before it is too late

The Defense Ministry spokesman came out today for the first time to directly criticize the ongoing political turmoil with call for all sides to put an end to the widening and deepening conflict in the country before it gets out of control and is too late.

Maj-Gen Surachart Jitjaeng, spokesman of the Defense Ministry’s Public Relations and Information Office, said the political situation has intensified after the ruling of the Constitutional Court over the composition of the Senate.

He said rift was everywhere and deepened not only among politicians, but also media with conflicting news presentation, fabrications and bias.

They seemed not to accept the view of each other but merely wanted to defeat and overcome another just for the interest of their own groups.’

Such situation would jeopardize national security, he said.

He said that national conflict has developed throughout the past nine years and was deepening.

It is the time now for  all these conflicts to end and all disputed parties coming out to face each other peacefully with talks as everyone shared the common love of their institutions and their country.

He said the past history has reminded all Thais that whenever Thai people disintegrated and struggling for power emerging, disaster will ensue.

Thailand has been regarded a land of smile and a land filled with hospitality culture but now are all these cultures still existing, he asked.

He said the current political instability is undermining national security, adding without security, the country could not survive.

The spokesman then called on all sides to set aside individual interest, stop creating hatred and stop hurting the country,  but restoring peace and bringing happiness back to the people.

He said Thai people love their monarch, love the country and religion and therefore should come together to build the country before it was too late.