April 27 not the hottest day of the year for Bangkok

The Meteorological Department says April 27 will be the day when the sun is directly overhead at 12.16 pm in Bangkok.
However it might not be the hottest day for Bangkok because many parts of the country are still hit by rain and summer storms.

The prediction was revealed today by the department’s director-general Wanchai Sak-udomchai.

He said the hottest day for Bangkok might be on April 26 or after 27, or over  the next few days when temperatures might soar to over 40 degrees in Pathumthani, near Bangkok.

But the hottest provinces of the country will be in Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai and Lampang with 43 degrees Celsius during the day.

He said the temperature there might be record high for this year.

He advised the people to avoid staying outdoor in open areas as it is detrimental to health and strong summer storms are also expected.