Appeals Court upholds 4-year jailterm on Arisman and gang for Pattaya’s Asean Summit breakup

The Appeals Court has upheld the lower court’s conviction and 4-year imprisonment of red-shirt firebrand Arisman Pongruangrong and 12 other red-shirt followers for the breakup of the Asean Summit in Pattaya eight years ago.

The verdict of the Appeals Court was read today (Tuesday) at Pattaya provincial court.

After the announcement of the verdict, relatives of Arisman put up a two-million baht surety for his bail while the others put up one-million baht each for the bail of the other convicts.

Their requests for bail are being considered by the court.

The Asean Summit was held in Pattaya’s Royal Cliff Beach Resort and Hotel by the government of then prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. But Arisman led hundreds of red-shirt protesters to lay siege to the hotel and they managed to break through a military cordon, forcing the Asean leaders to flee the scene in helicpters.