Anti-government protesters retake NACC

Hundreds of anti-government protesters forcibly remove makeshift stage and tents set up in front of the head office of the National Anti Corruption Commission Saturday and drove out redshirt supporters of the government occupying the area to pressure the commission to give up impeaching the caretaker prime minister.

The protesters were led by Luang Poo  Buddha-issara.

Confrontation broke out with both sides throwing plastic bottles at each other and one gunshot was heard.
Hundreds of police were called in and formed a line in between the two rival groups.

The redshirts later decided to pull out after being heavily outnumbered but vowed to return  to recapture the place with more men.
Their makeshift tents, stage and chairs were then removed by anti government protesters.

The abbot said he has to lead farmers to the Government  Lottery Office to ask for the unpaid sum of  200,000 baht for the rice which farmers sold to the office last week.

He had to use the road in front of the NACC  which was blocked by the redshirts.

(photo :ตรงจากสนามข่าว)