Anand tops neutral PM poll

Former Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun is chosen as the most qualified person to be a neutral prime minister to run the country under the current political situation, a survey by Dusit Poll reveals today.

Dusit Poll conducted the survey of opinions from a total of 1,118 people during March 26-28 about who should be the neutral prime minister under the current political situation.

They were asked for comment on recent report of a neutral prime minister, and whether the situation now is timely yet to have neutral prime minister to run the country.

47.47% said a neutral prime minister is a possible option that might resolve the current conflict, while 22.90% said a prime minister should come from election.

When asked whether the current situation is necessary yet to have a neutral prime minister, 36.23% said it was necessary as it might ease the situation and drive the country forward.

When they were given four names of neutral prime ministers to choose, 40.55% supported former premier Anand Panyarachun.

Following behind are Palakorn Suwanatat, a privy councillor, 37%; Asa Sarasin, former permanent secretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, 35.43%; and Army commander-in-chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, 35.04%.

Responding to a question of whether the neutral prime minister could resolve the political impasse, 34.30% voiced uncertain as they did not know yet who should be the neutral prime minister and how much he would be accepted, while 27.05% said it could ease the situation and get the country move forward.

24.40% said the situation would remain unchanged, citing conflicts of interest, power abuses, and deep-rooted political conflict as reasons.

Only 14.35% said the situation would worsen as certain groups of people might not accept a neutral prime minister, and would come to protest again.