An NRC member believes the draft charter will be dumped by the NRC

The amended draft constitution is likely to be voted down because of there are over 100 proposed amendments and there is no way that every proposed amendment will be accepted by the Constitution Drafting Committee, said Mr Wanchai Sornsiri, a member of the National Reform Council, on Friday.


The widespread resentment caused by the rejection of their proposed amendments may motivate the dissenters to try to dump the draft charter, he said.

Mr Wanchai pointed out that the approval of the draft charter would lead to a referendum on the draft charter and on reforms which will eventually lead to more debates, more arguments and conflicts.

With the draft charter dumped by the NRC, there will be no referendum and no election and no spending on staging an election. The the process will start all over again with the creation of another NRC, a new CDC to draft a new charter and the government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha will stay on in its interim capacity for a certain period of time, said Mr Wanchai.

(Photo : Thai PBS File)