AMLO returns money cheated by Call Centre gangs to victims

The Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) has managed to stop several  electronic transactions of cashes by victims to Call Centre gangs and returned them to their owners.

The return of the money, 1.6 million baht in total, to 11 victims was held at the Royal Thai Police headquarters yesterday (Jan 12).

A total of 11 victims were cheated by Call Centre gangs to transfer money to them. They alerted AMLO in time which helped to recall the transactions.

The ceremony to return the money to the victims was chaired by Piraphat Ingpongpan, director of the AMLO’s litigation division 1 and attended by representatives from local banks.

The AMLO also revealed that from Nov 15, 2017  to Jan 11, 2018 they had received complaints from 157 victims of Call Center scams on their 1710 Hotline.

Damages in total amount to 67,180,000 baht.

Of these, AMLO have managed to help 18 victims and return 4,218, 832 baht to them.

A total of 275 warrants have been issued for the suspects and of these 162 suspects were arrested.

Meanwhile, the Department of Special Investigation has discovered that Call Center operations contact their victims over Voice-Over Internet Protocols (VOIP) from foreign countries and claimed that they called from local government offices such as police, post office and courts.