AMLO ready to help NACC trace assets of fire-truck fugitives

The Anti Money Laundering Office says it is ready to support the National Anti Corruption Commission to trace and seize the assets of the two fugitive convicts sentenced to 10-12 years in prison in the 6.68 billion baht fire-truck scandal case.

AMLO deputy secretary-general Pol Capt Suwanee Sawaengpol said that the fire-truck case was brought to the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions by the NACC, and now the court has ruled that the two convicts were found guilty of bidding collusion.

The two convicts are Pracha Maleenont, the former deputy interior minister, and Pol Maj-Gen Athilak Tanchukiat, former head of BMA’s fire and rescue division.

She said that bidding collusion  is not the immediate offence under the anti-money laundering law, therefore AMLO has no power to trace and seize the assets of the fleeing convicts.

However she said that AMLO could do so upon request by the NACC by helping it to trace.

The AMLO deputy secretary-general said that in fact the NACC has more power than the AMLO to execute the anti corruption law to impound and seize the assets of the fugitives as the damages were inflicted on the state. NACC could reclaims all assets equivalent to amount of damages inflicted.

She said the AMLO could only seize asset obtained from committing the  offence.

Earlier the AMLO secretary-general Pol Col Sihanart Prayoonrat said he did not know if the NACC has investigated unusual wealth issue in the fire-truck scandal or not. If so, seizure of the convicts’ assets could be proceeded under Article 79 of the anti corruption law, citing the case of former public health  minister Rakkiat Sutana who was sentenced in prison by the Supreme Court,  and of Mr Supot Saplomg, the former transport ministry’s permanent secretary which the NACC could impound and seize their assets immediately.