AMLO asks police to investigate  former senior official for alleged money-laundering

The Anti-Money Laundering Office has asked the Counter Corruption Division (CCD) police to investigate Putthipat Lertchaowasit, a former permanent secretary of the Social Development and Human Security Ministry, and a former female official of the ministry who was his close aide, for alleged money-laundering.
Withaya Nititham, an AMLO official, submitted a petition and evidence against Mr Putthipat and the former female ministry official, who were alleged to have been involved in the embezzlement of welfare funds for the destitute and the poor.
Mr Witthaya said the AMLO had found in its investigation that Mr Putthipat and the woman, whom he did not identify, had transferred the stolen money to other people. He declined to reveal their identifies or whether they were relatives of the two and how much money had been transferred to them.
He said only that the stolen money had been used to buy cars and real estates.
As for the 10 ministry officials whose assets had been seized by the AMLO, they were required submit in writing in 30 days to explain how the assets had been acquired. If they were not able to provide a clear explanation, the assets would be confiscated, Mr Witthaya said.
In April, Mr Putthipat and his deputy, Narong Kongkham, were temporarily relieved from civil service pending investigation into their alleged involvement in the stealing of funds for the destitute and the poor.