Alleged dog poisoning medical student to be summoned for interrogation by police

Police are to issue summons on a medical student of Mahidol University for questioning after Nakhon Ratchasima provincial livestock officials filed charges of cruelty against animals against him.

The student whose name was not disclosed was accused of poisoning to death a dog to claim insurance from the delivery service provider which took delivery of the dog from the student. An autopsy conducted on the dead dog by a veterinarian in Nakhon Ratchasima at the request of the delivery company shows several pills for human hypertension in its stomach.

Meanwhile, the management of Mahidol University has scheduled a press conference on Monday on the campus to announce what action to be taken against the student.

Pol Maj Mongkol Kuptisirirat, the inquiry inspector of Po Klang district police in Nakhon Ratchasima, said Sunday that, so far, three witnesses had been questioned and the medicines found in the dog’s stomach had been sent to the 9th Science and Medical Centre for tests.

He added that he would summon the medical student and the delivery personnel for questioning.

The mother of the student told Thai PBS reporter that her son has not stayed with her in their house in Tambon Chokechai, Chokechai district, for about seven years after he went to the medical school at Mahidol.

A student at the university spoke to the media on condition of anonymity that the student in question was quite normal until the sixth year when he was diagnosed to be suffering from mental disorder in a way that he could not control himself sometimes.

His professor had suggested him to drop his study for treatment, said the student, adding that he was not sure whether the student was still under treatment or not.