Alien fish species pose a serious threat to native fish species

People living along the klongs in Samut Songkhram as well as fish and shrimp farm operators have uged authorities concerned to come to their rescue against the proliferation of an invasive fish species thought to be brought into Thailand from an African country.

A team of Thai PBS reporters who have been following up this alien fish species for the past three weeks were told by klong-side residents all the klongs in Ampawa district such as Klong Don Chan, Klong Chek, Klong Somboon, Klong Tamon and Klong Phi Lok are choked with the alien fish species Cichlids, locally known as pla morsee khangdum, that the other native fish species appear to have disappeared.

The fish has also spread to fish and shrimp farmers and has devoured fish and shrimp in the farms, causing extensive damage to the farmers.

If the alien fish is not eradicated quickly, it may spread to neighbouring  Ban Laem district of Petchaburi province.