Algerian man arrested for purse snatching at Suvarnabhumi airport 

A 37-year-old Algerian traveler was arrested at Suvarnabhumi airport yesterday(Dec 17) for purse snatching after he returned to Thailand.

Lanine Cheris-Amara was apprehended soon after he walked into the immigration checkpoint at the airport for check.

He was produced with evidence for the snatch theft at a restaurant inside the Suvarnabhumi airport in August this year.

However he denied the charge.

According to Suvarnabhumi airport police, the Algerian suspect was responsible for the stealing of 25,000 baht cash from the handbag of a British man at a restaurant on the third floor of the Passenger Terminal.

The airport police showed video footage from the surveillance camera in the restaurant which captured the moment when the British tourist placed the handbag under the table.

Later the Algerian was seen to bend over and picked the wallet from the handbag, and left the restaurant.

Airport police then sought warrant from the court to arrest the suspect. However he had left the country.

His name was later placed on the blacklist of all immigrant and relevant offices in the country.

His name was shown again on list of incoming passengers scheduled to arrive on December 17.

Police and immigration officials laid in wait as he arrived and apprehended him.

The suspect was later identified by the British man.