Alcohol sale and drink will be banned on all trains

The State Railway of Thailand will impose a ban on alcohol sale and drink on all trains in the aftermath of the rape and killing of a 13-year old girl on board a night sleeper train by a railway employee who took drug and drank on board.

SRT governor Praphat Chongsa-nguan said Tuesday that the legal department had been instructed to come up with a regulation banning the sale of all alcoholic drinks on all trains.  Passengers can bring their alcoholic drinks on board but if they are seen drinking on board they will be invited to get off the trains, he added.

He went on saying that the SRT would step up background checks of all its staffers and employees, especially temporary employees to find out whether any of them have criminal records.

He disclosed that the suspect who confessed of raping and killing the 13-year old girl while travelling on a sleeper train from Surat Thani to Bangkok on Sunday was found out to be a former drug peddler without the knowledge of the SRT.  The suspect was recently upgraded as permanent employee from a temporary employee, he said.

Mr Praphat said that the SRT had to resort to hiring employees, both permanent and temporary, to offset a staff shortage.  The SRT used to have some 24,000 staff members but the number has been reduced to just about 11,000, he added.

Commenting on the calls for his resignation following the rape-murder case, the SRT governor asked would his resignation help solve the problem.

He went on saying that the SRT might introduce a lady’s carriage service – a carriage for female passengers only – in the future.