Agoda agrees to refund client for non-existence hotel

Agoda, a hotel booking website, has agreed to refund a customer of 160,000 baht in 10 days for non-existence hotel facilities.

The agreement was reached after the Office of the Consumers Protection intervened and arranged a negotiation between Agoda representative and it’s damaged customer Ms Sulawal Rakcholtee.

Ms Sulawal earlier lodged a complaint of fraud with the consumers protection officials that she has asked for the refund of her money, 140,000 baht, after she went to use service of the hotel she booked on the Agoda website, but found non existence of the hotel.

She then asked for the refund from Agoda for non-existence facilities as shown on the Agoda’s hotel list.

But Agoda ignored the refund for over three months, prompting her to lodge complaint.

According to Sulawal, she booked the hotel rooms on error.

She said she mistakenly pressed the confirm button after she wanted to cancel her booking.

Her credit card was automatically deducted for over 140,000 baht since August 21.

She said she contacted Agoda for the error but was told the booking was valid and non refundable.

This forced her to use the hotel service but only to find that the hotel she booked was not existing.

After the negotiation, Agoda agreed to refund her 160,000 baht and payment will be made in 10 days.

One customer said Agoda should step up stricter check on hotels on is websites if they do exist or have all facilities as they have displayed on their advertisements.