Advertisements of Korea King cooking pans banned

The Office of Consumer Protection Board has banned the advertisements of Korea King cooking pans with immediate effect.

Mr Veerapong Boonyopas, chairman of direct sale committee, told the media on Wednesday that the OCPB found that the advertisements of the cooking pans priced at 15,000 baht and 18,000 baht apiece for the Gold and Diamond series respectively, but actually selling for 3,300 baht for two to any buyers who place an order within the first five minutes of the ad amounted to fake original pricing.

The board also found that the overstated advertisements of the cooking pan was unfair to the consumers because the specifications as advertised could not be verified and such advertisements amounted to unfair trade practice.

Regarding the advertisements that the cooking pans were laminated with eight layers of substance and 300 percent slippery without the need of cooking oil, the board discovered that the Gold series pans were laminated with just five layers while the Diamond series with just two layers.

The board is still waiting for results of more tests of the controversial pans.