Additional purchase of affordable 9 MM pistols now permitted for police

The Royal Thai Police commissioner yesterday issued an urgent radio message instructing police officers who placed orders for affordable pistols since April this year to confirm their orders, and those wanting to buy to place new orders by June 30.

The order by the commissioner Pol Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang came as the Royal  Thai Police is in the process to seek exemption of import duties and other taxes from relevant government agencies, and to seek import quota from the minister of interior.

The purchase is part of the welfare scheme to procure 9 MM pistols to police officers as personal property for official use and for self defence at affordable price.

The voluntary scheme has selected the Swiss-made 9 MM Sig Saucer Model P 30 pistol at 18,000 baht, excluding import duty and other expenses.

Under the welfare scheme, the national police said it carries five conditions that purchaser must accept before making confirmation of the purchase.

They included purchaser must be police officer, payment in full amount in cash, ownership of pistol cannot be transferred to others, except in succession of heritage from parents to children, initial price is at 18,000 baht while net price will be made after tax exemption is approved.

Pol Gen Somyot said the Royal Thai Police needs to know the exact number of the pistols as import quota to be sought from the minister must match the number of pistols ordered.

Market price of the same pistol is several times higher making  it hardly possible for low ranking officer to personally buy for self defence. The high price was pushed up by limited import quota for civilian use plus high import duty.

 (Photo : Thai PBS File)