Abhisit urges CDC to think twice before submitting to NCPO’s proposal

Democrat party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva today urged the Constitution Drafting Committee to think carefully before incorporating the National Council for Peace and Order’s latest proposal into the constitution draft.

The NCPO proposed a 250-member fully-appointed Senate to be in the office for five years which shares as much power as the House; five top military leaders and the national police chief as the ex-officio senators; and that the prime minister needs not be an MP.

Mr Abhisit pointed out that the proposed empowering of the Senate to choose the prime minister would go against the CDC’s principle and would lead to a state of condition whereby there would be a bargain for power between the military and the political camp.

He said he didn’t understand why the five military top brass and the national police chief would have to be made ex-officio senators. He noted that if the NCPO was afraid that these men would not be able to perform their duties properply because of government’s interference, it would be more logical for certain mechanism to be set up to prevent such interference.

Mr Abhisit said he would like to give his moral support to the CDC to do the right thing for the benefit of the people rather than submitting to the wish of demand of certain group of people.

He predicted that the NCPO’s proposal would lead to more conflict in the society which would backfire on all the achievements of the military junta.