Abhisit blasts CDC for creating new parliamentary dictatorship

Democrat party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva blasted the Constitution Drafting Committee for crafting a draft constitution which would pave the way for the creation of new parliamentary dictatorship.

He cited sections 181 and 182 of the draft which empowers the prime minister to initiate a special law which will automatically pass through the parliament if there is no debate of the special law in the parliament.

This will be the first time that parliamentary dictatorship is constitutionally created, said Abhisit.

The Democrat party leader also expressed doubt over the power to be bestowed on the 15-member national reconciliation promotion committee in a way that the committee can grant amnesty to anyone who provides useful information to the committee or who repent their crimes with the committee.

He warned that such power of the reconciliation committee, if misused, can lead to a new round of conflicts.

He said he didn’t understand why the CDC did not learn the lesson from the latest mass protest when people went on the streets to protest against the blanket amnesty for political offenders.