6,000kg of drugs destroyed in Ayutthaya

A total of 6,322 kilograms of various kinds of narcotic drugs were destroyed by an incinerator at the Bang Pa-in Industrial Estate in Ayutthaya province on Monday (June 25).
Dr Thawat Suntracharn, a vice minister attached to the Public Health Ministry, presided over the destruction of the drugs which had been seized in 7,245 drug cases from various drug suppression operations.
The drugs included 5,514kg of methamphetamine, 486kg of crystal methamphetamine or ice, 108kg of heroin, 10kg of ecstasy pills, 122kg of opium and 5kg of cocaine. Also destroyed on this occasion was 8,400kg of marijuana and Kratom leaves.
The combined street value of the destroyed drugs was about 13,697 million baht.
Between 1978-2518, a total of 128,776kg of drugs worth about 197,343 million baht have been destroyed. The destruction of drugs on June 25 was the 48th. Most of them are methamphetamine, amphetamine, opium, and heroin.