Over 58 percent of respondents disagree with new party supporting PM Prayut: Suan Dusit Poll

More than half of the respondents to the Suan Dusit Poll disagreed with the idea of setting up of a political party to support General Prayut Chan-o-cha as the next prime minister.

58.95 percent of 1,185 respondents opposed the idea, saying that political parties should be independent and have clear policies for the good of the people and should not support the current administration to stay on in power whereas 35.37 percent of the respondents agreed with the idea, saying having new parties will give more choices to the electorate.

Suan Dusit Poll of Suan Dusit University conducted an opinion survey by gauging the opinions of 1,185 respondents from across the country during February 21-24 on the theme: New Political Parties in the Eyes of the People.

This theme was chosen amidst a report that Suthep Thuagsuban, former leader of the now defunct People’s Democratic Reform Committee, would form a political party to support General Prayut to stay on as prime minister.

The opinion survey showed 53.87 percent of the respondents admitted that they were unaware of the report because they did not keep abreast with political news against 46.13 percent who said they were aware of the report.

48.88 percent said having new parties would liven up political atmosphere; 41.38 percent said voters would have more choices while 32.23 percent believe more parties could lead to political changes.