Over 57,000 Thais are overstaying in South Korea

About 20,000 Thais are sent back home from South Korea annually and over 57,000 are currently overstaying after the expiration of their 90-day visa-free period, said Ms Bussadee Santipitak, spokesman of the Foreign Ministry and director-general of Information Department.

Responding to a complaint posted on the Facebook page by a Thai tourist that she was rejected entry and sent back home by South Korean immigration officials, Ms Bussadee explained that the problem stemmed from communication problem and the tourist’s incomplete document as required by immigration regulation.

South Korea has allowed Thai nationals to enter the country without a visa and stay there for up to 90 days, but many Thais who visited South Korea often overstayed and worked illegally there.

The Foreign Ministry has advised Thais who want to visit South Korea to strictly comply with the country’s immigration regulations such as clearly specifying the places where they are to stay and the persons in South Korea whom they can refer it.

A recent survey shows that, until March, there were 101,000 Thai nationals staying in South Korea and, of these, over 57,000 of them have overstayed beyond 90-day period.