50,000 baht fund set aside to help two teachers who have not been paid for five months

The Office of the National Primary Education Commission has set aside a 50,000 baht fund to be paid to two Umphang district’s assistant teachers who have not been paid for the past five months since they started teaching.

The two assistant teachers, Ms Wanalee Toonmark and Ms Nirawan Chuaboonmee, were also told by the Tak provincial education committee that they would lose their teaching jobs because the committee disapproved their switch of teaching job from social science to mathematics.

The plight of the two assistant teachers which was first exposed in the social media went viral with many netizens expressing sympathy for them and, at the same time, criticizing the Education Ministry.

The public criticism prompted Mr Boonrak Yodpetch, secretary-general of ONPEC, to pay a visit of the two teachers in Si Satchanalai district of Sukhothai.

The two teachers reportedly told Mr Boonrak that they were formally informed by the 38th zone secondary education office that they got teaching jobs at Umphang school in Umphang district.

The two were sent to Umphang school to fill in two vacant posts to teach mathematics after two others who got the jobs there didn’t show up. They have been teaching as mathematics teachers for five months ever since, but have never been paid until they got a notice from the Tak provincial education committee that their teaching jobs were not approved because the jobs could not be switched.

Boonrak said, initially, a 50,000 baht fund had been allocated from the primary education welfare fund and from the provincial education office to help the two assistant teachers.

He added that a committee would be set up to investigate the case and to find out ways to help the two teachers.