4th army region chief shrugs off bounty offer

Fourth Army Region commander Lt-Gen Piyawat Narkvanich has shrugged off the one million baht bounty for his head believed by supporters of southern militants in the three southernmost provinces.

When asked about a Facebook post of Suding Su Patani which offered a one million baht reward for anyone who could produce the head of Lt-Gen Piyawat, the regional commander said he was not worried at all with the threat.

Initial investigation showed that supporters of southern militants were responsible for offering the bounty as they had done this before, he said, adding that he suspected that the bounty offer was a sign that the southern militant groups were losing support in and out of Thailand.

He went on saying that he did not attach importance to the one million baht bounty offer, noting that a good cooing dove could fetch up to one million baht.