Over 49 percent believe reconciliation will be a flop: Bangkok Poll

Almost half of the respondents to an opinion survey conducted by Bangkok Poll believe that the government’s effort to bring about political reconciliation will not succeed because those in conflict remain as divided as ever.

The poll shows that 43.7 percent of the respondents believe that the government’s reconciliation roadmap will be a success if parties in the conflict accept the terms of reconciliation compared to 49.9 percent who believe the effort will be a failure.

The poll also shows the following results: 49.8 percent have doubt in the reconciliation committee, saying that committee members are partial while 44.3 percent agree that the reconciliation committee will be helpful in speeding up reconciliation; 47.3 percent disagree with the idea of reduction of punishment instead of amnesty as part of reconciliation compared to 47 percent who agree.

37.2 percent agree that the reconciliation effort is progressing while 33.9 percent say there is no progress at all; 60.5 percent want the government to put emphasis on reform of mechanisms to deal with corruption compared to 54.6 percent who want reform on justice process and 45.7 percent want political reform.