47 percent of Filipinos say they are poor

Forty-seven percent of Filipinos consider themselves poor in the third quarter of the year, The Manila Times Online reported on Sunday, quoting the latest opinion survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations.

SWS interviewed 1,500 adults nationwide during September 21-27.

The poll shows 47 of the respondents or an estimated 10.9 million families considered themselves poor which was three points higher than the June survey. The proportion of the self-rated poor families saw a sharp increase from 44 percent in December 2016 to 50 percent in March this year.

The SWS survey also found that 32 percent or 7.4 million families rated their food as “poor”. This was similar to the 32 percent or an estimated 7.3 million families recorded as food-poor in June 2017.

Since the surveys of the self-rated poor respondents in December 2014, 36 percent of the respondents have always rated themselves as poor while 11 percent were not poor sometimes in the past.

Among the 11 percent, 6 percent said that they were “newly poor” or those who became poor sometime in the last four years and 5 percent were “unusually poor”.

On the self-rated non-poor families, half said they have never been poor, while the other half were poor sometime in the past.

Overall, the three percent increase in self-rated poverty rate in the third quarter was because of a sharp increase in Luzon and slight boost in Metro Manila, offset by decrease in poverty in the Visayas and Mindanao.