4 rangers wounded in roadside bomb blast in Yala

Four paramilitary rangers were injured in a roadside bomb explosion on a local road in Bannang Sata district, Yala province, on Tuesday (Feb 20).

The six-man ranger unit was assigned to provide protection to teachers at Had Sai school in Ban Had Sai, Tambon Talingchan. After having safely sent the teachers into the school, the six rangers went on patrol on foot along the local road in the village before they stopped to check the sewer under a bridge.

It was then that suspected militants who might have hidden somewhere not far away detonated a bomb which was hidden in the sewer.  The explosion injured four of the six rangers with one of them seriously injured with multiple shrapnel wounds.

All the injured were later sent to the nearest hospital by reinforcements which arrived at the scene shortly afterward.

Meanwhile in Cho Airong district of Narathiwat on Tuesday morning, three policemen were injured after their pickup truck in which they were travelling was hit by a roadside bomb planted by militants.

After the bomb blast, the militants who were hiding in the bushes nearby opened fire with their automatic rifles at the policemen.